Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Sleep Schedule

Tips For Having A Consistent Sleep Schedule

For the body to achieve homeostasis, there must be an active time frame when you are awake and inactive time frame when you are asleep. The body has an internal clock which is known as the circadian rhythm that helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. However, it’s sometimes not possible to get adequate sleep. Most […]

Happier And Healthier Lifestyle

Live A Happier And Healthier Lifestyle

According to the last report on life expectancy issued by the World Health Organization, the global average is established at 72 years old and it continues to rise thanks to the constant work and development on lifestyle and wellness, as well as the ongoing changes people are doing in their habits. However, there is a […]

Health benefits of drinking tea

The Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Did you feel tired and lazy while making a very important presentation for tomorrow meeting? Or did you feel sleepy during making an assignment? Or You might feel a headache and tiredness after a long journey? If the answer is ‘YES’, just having a cup of Tea and all will be blown away. Table of Content What Is Tea? Types of Tea Health benefits […]