Health benefits of drinking tea

The Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Did you feel tired and lazy while making a very important presentation for tomorrow meeting? Or did you feel sleepy during making an assignment? Or You might feel a headache and tiredness after a long journey?

If the answer is ‘YES’, just having a cup of Tea and all will be blown away.

What Is Tea?

Tea, which is now been transformed into a number of TEAS, is the only solution to get rid of tiredness. To be very simple and precise let’s define TEA. It is an aromatic drink which can be made by boiling Camellia sinensis in water.

Now, what is Camellia sinensis? It is also called as Tea Tree, Tree plant and Tree shrub. Belonging to the species of shrubs which are cured and processed to make tea. History of tea, especially Green Tea goes back to ancient China. In 1615, Richard Wickham, write a more fascinating word for tea that is CHAW.

Types Of Tea

On the basis of leaf structure, Tea is discriminated into small-leaved and large-leaved tea, which after further processing, forms Black tea, Green tea, and Oolong.

Black Tea

Black tea has a stronger flavor as compared to the other two. It is mostly used in the western world as Iced Tea, Afternoon Tea, Sun Tea, and Sweet Tea. India, Sri Lanka, and Africa are known to be the top producers of Black Tea.

Green Tea

Yes, the Green Tea, commonly produced in China and other Asian countries and loved by the majority. It is one among all above which was used as a medicine in ancient times. And still used because green tea is good for your health. If we talk about Green Tea, it’s the mother of all TEAS. And  Green is commonly used after dinner in Asian countries.


It is the third form of tea and lies in between black tea and green tea. It is partially processed to have a brownish color.

Tea, no matter what is the type, has an important chemical substance in it “CAFFEINE”, which is responsible for most of the beneficial effects of tea. However, Caffeine content is different in all three major types. This chemical substance gives a person mental alertness and helps in freshens up the mind and body. It directly works on your nervous system keeping you awake and tireless. Caffeine concentration varies in black tea, green tea, and oolong.

  • Black tea 60-90mg/cup of tea
  • Green Tea 35-75mg/cup of tea
  • Oolong 50-70mg/cup of tea

So, the strongest of all is Black Tea, which is very good when you have to keep awake at night for doing work.

Besides these three types Dark Tea, White Tea and Puer Tea are also commonly used which are further processed from major ones. In addition, all around the globe, followers of different traditions and cultures have the different style of making tea. One of the most common is Maslah Chaye, which is prepared using spices in Black Tea.

Drinking Tea Review

Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Benefits of tea are countless. The most believed benefit of tea are:

Antioxidant Properties Of Tea

Antioxidants play an important role in our body. They prevent the disruption of cells, thus, prevent a human being from a very natural but least liked phenomena “Aging”. They help in slow down the process of aging. So, Tea has natural antioxidants which prevent the body cells from damage. Black Tea along with Green Tea has anti-oxidant properties which reduces inflammation and makes you look younger.

Lowers cholesterol level

High or increased level of cholesterol in the body may lead to stroke and Heart problem. Green Tea helps in reducing the cholesterol level thus reducing the chances of heart attack.

Maintains Blood Pressure

Green tea is also beneficial in maintaining Blood Pressure by lowering it.

Weight loss

As discussed above, green tea helps in burning your extra fats, thus, controlling your body weight.

Soothing Your Digestive System

Black tea contains Tannins, which is a chemical substance and it helps to improve the activity of the digestive system. Having a cup of Black Tea after a heavy dinner soothes your stomach and digestive system and helps in easy digestion of food, preventing constipation.

Good For Mental Health

As discussed earlier, Tea contains Caffeine, which boosts the activity of the nervous system and improves your mental health. It also helps in improving memory.

Anti-Cancer Agents

Green tea contains such agents which reduce the risk of cancer.

Make Your Bones Strong

Tea has certain properties which increase your bone density and make them strong. It also prevents tooth decay, making you smile more confidently.

Reduce the chances of ovarian cancer

Women who drink tea, either BLACK, GREEN or OOLONG have fewer chances of ovarian cancer. Tea contains certain agents which prevent ovarian cancer.

Good For Skin

Oolong Tea is beneficial against allergens which may cause eczema. Hence, drinking tea improves your skin health.


Every type has its own benefits, but formerly mentioned that Green Tea is a blessing. It has all that a person wishes to have in his daily routine. You can use it when you have an upset stomach, or if you are feeling tired. Regardless of everything and every benefit, one must consider Green Tea essentiality of life and must have a cup of Green Tea before going to bed.

Excess of anything has negative impacts. So, everyone should maintain a balance in his/her life. Although Tea has the number of proven benefits but exceeding the limit may be hazardous.