Detailed Review of The Top Makeup Essentials

Top Makeup Essentials : How To Choose And Use


Regardless of your makeup skills, you need to have a collection of makeup essentials. Both novices and experts need to have a makeup kit with essential products that will produce a perfect face beat with long-lasting effects. This article gives an overview of the top and vital products that you should have in your makeup essentials kit.

What Is A Face Makeup?

It’s a beauty product(s) that is applied on the face. They usually come in a variety of forms i.e. powder, cream, liquid etc. besides that, makeup products are sold in a wide range of color shades to cater to different types of skin tones.

Face Makeup Essentials

For starters as well as experienced makeup professionals, you need to have a makeup kit that contains all the essentials. Although makeup is normally applied to other parts of the body, most people usually apply it on the face. So, what are the top face makeup essentials for a perfect face beat?

Face Primer


Face Primer

To some people, a face primer is a non-essential. However, it’s actually vital in helping the makeup to last. It’s a product that helps to even out the skin before you apply makeup. Additionally, it helps the makeup to look fresh regardless of the time of the day. To use it, apply it all over your face before applying other makeup products.



Foundation Apply

It’s one of the basic makeup products and probably that hardest to get right. Foundations are found in various types of coverages which include full, medium, natural or sheer. When choosing a foundation, you should take a product that matches with your skin as well as the undertones. You can use a foundation stick or blender to apply the foundation to create a well-sculptured face.

BB Cream


bb cream apply

Instead of using foundations, some people may opt to BB Cream because it provides a more natural look. BB Cream provides a wide range of skincare benefits which include priming and moisturizing.  It’s usually very light on the skin compared to foundation. BB Cream can be applied with fingers and it’s very hard to overdo its application. To use it, simply blend and then buff it on your skin using a beauty blender.



Concealer Apply

A good makeup box should have a concealer. It helps to hide skin discolorations including dark circles and acne. A concealer can have sheer or full coverage. When choosing a concealer for skin discolorations, ensure that it has a color that matches your BB Cream or foundation. This will help you to obtain a more natural look. A pink or peached colored concealer is great for dark circles.



A girl is appling blush

Your overall look can greatly improve if you apply blush. It’s a vital makeup product if you are using a foundation that has opaque coverage. Blush enhances your appearance by ensuring that your skin complexion isn’t just flat. It can be in the form of a gel, cream, or powder. Regardless of the type of your skin tone, always choose a blush with a natural type of flush. Blush is normally applied based on the structure of your face.



A girl is Applying-Highlighter

Your makeup kit isn’t complete if you don’t have a highlighter. It’s used to provide a pigmented type of glow. Highlighters come in various forms which include a highlighting stick, cream, powder, liquid, and the cream/powder combination. It’s normally applied using a highlighting stick or a beauty blender/sponge. When using this make, start with your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, brow bones, and the Cupid’s bow etc.



A girl is appling bronzer

There is no better way to have a sun-kissed look other than using a bronzer.  This makeup product should, however, be applied strategically. When choosing a bronzer, ensure its one or two shades darker compared to your skin tone. A bronzer is normally used after you have applied your foundation. Use a brush to apply it on your face’s high points i.e. the cheekbones, forehead, and also jawline for a well-defined chiseled look.

Makeup Blenders


Makeup Blenders Apply

It’s possible to apply makeup foundation or concealer with fingertips. However, this is a risky affair because you may end up transferring germs and other harmful compounds to your face. Blenders are the best face makeup products which you can use to apply foundation/concealer. Simply apply your foundation on the pointed end of the blender and hold the large rounded end to dab the foundation on your face.

Makeup Setting Powder


Makeup Setting Powder

A setting powder is an important part of any makeup kit.  It’s used to set the full face makeup in place for hours. Besides that, a setting powder may be used to provide a refreshing look. Applying this makeup means that you don’t have to worry about your makeup coming off.

Makeup Setting Spray


Makeup Setting Spray

A great way to ensure you don’t end up with a smudged or faded makeup is applying a primer. However, you can still apply extra lock by using a setting spray. It helps the makeup to stay in place the whole day or night. The setting spray is spray is usually applied after you’ve finished applying all other products. Use it by spraying your face in “T” & “X” motions a couple of times.

Makeup Removers


Makeup Removers

They are formulas that are designed to remove different types of makeups. A makeup remover can be a solution, cleansing balm, wipes, or remover pads. They are used to unclog the skin pores and cleanse harmful toxins.

How To Choose & Buy The Best Face Makeup

To come up with a long-lasting and amazing makeup application, you need to choose a product that is designed to match up with your needs. Generally, if you are going to purchase makeup, below are some of the factors that you should consider.

Skin Type

Do you have dry, normal, oily or sensitive skin? This is an important aspect of makeup selection. Some brands produce products which have very harsh chemicals that may irritate your skin. If you are not sure about your skin type, consult with a dermatologist.

Skin Complexion

This is the natural appearance or color of your skin. You can have dark, light etc. skin shades. The product you are purchasing should match with your skin color from foundations, concealers, highlighters to blushers.

Test the Makeup

Most retailers have testers. Unless you have used that type of makeup before, you cannot assume that it’s going to match your needs. You can do this by applying, for instance, a foundation, on your hands, palms, or jawline. This will help you to get the best face makeup product that matches with your skin color and skin tone.

Final Thoughts

The makeup you choose and end up buying depends on the type. Is it a foundation? primer? Concealer? Highlighter? etc. generally, you should by high-quality face makeup that produce quality and long-lasting results. For instance, when you are choosing a foundation, selecting a product that will work with your skin type and skin tone. Is your skin oily, dry, and normal or mixed? Note that a normal skin type works with all forms of the foundation while powder foundations are suitable for oily skins. Consider the type of coverage and a color that matches your tone.

For blush, choose peaches or pink if you have pale skin. A darker shade of peach or rosy pink is suitable for a medium-toned skin while dark skins work with deeper oranges and rose shades. Always choose a primer with hydrating properties because it forms the base of the makeup.

The concealer that you end up purchasing should be two shades lighter and darker compared to your skin tone.  The lighter shade should be applied under the eyes, between brows, the central part of your chin and on the nose bridge. The darker shade can be used to accentuate the hairline, cheekbones and the sides of the nose.