We’re excited to announce that our Creative Content Foundations class is open for new students!

And we’re launching it at what can only be called a screaming deal — but just for this week.

We’ve spent months putting the course together, making sure it’s focused, but also comprehensive enough to give you real results.

Here’s who we designed the class for:

  • Smart beginners — folks who are interested in blogging or podcasting, but haven’t felt confident in their skills to “go pro” yet
  • Ambitious intermediate content marketers, who want to get more strategic and demonstrate better results
  • Competitive freelancers who want an edge that will let them find better clients and charge higher rates
  • Talented team players who want to grow their skill set to advance at work
  • Motivated entrepreneurs who are tired of spinning their wheels and want to move forward

In short — anyone who has the desire to make content marketing work for them, but has a gap or two in their skill set that’s holding them back.

The class includes modules on getting more work done, polishing your work to a high standard, assembling the foundation of your content plan, and essential SEO strategy and tools. We even offer a bonus session on managing your stress levels — because the life of a content marketer is always intense.

2018 is going to be all about education for Copyblogger — and we want to make sure that our audience is starting off with a great foundation.

To that end, we’re offering the course at an extremely advantageous rate — but just for this week. When we close the doors to new students next week on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, the course fee will go up dramatically. We always like to offer a warm “thank you” to the folks who jump in early.

Here’s where you can find out more about Creative Content Foundations — and, just this week, get a slightly ridiculously great deal on the course.