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Best Workout With The GNC Lean Protein Shake

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Supplement Your Workout with the GNC Lean Protein Shake Working out and staying fit is the new trend that our society has become comfortable with. Shredding, leaning, bulking up, people are doing all kinds of exercise to achieve their dream bodies. We know exercise only good as long as the diet part is in control. But to go the extra mile, meal replacing protein shakes are rocking the market. GNC is one of the leading brands in the US that is known for their protein. You must have heard GNC lean shake reviews from your friends. GNC is originally a Pittsburgh founded back in 1935. They’re known for their nutritional supplements. Of all of those, we’re going to be talking about GNC lean protein shake.

Table of Content

  1. What is GNC lean protein shake?
  2. GNC lean protein shake Flavors
  3. Benefits of using GNC Lean protein shake
  4. Side Effects
  5. Final Verdict

What Is GNC Lean Protein Shake?

Simply told, GNC lean meal replacing protein shake is a diet supplement. Your weight loss diet plan requires a particular amount of calories. That way your input is fewer than the output of calories. That is exactly what is required for weight loss. This shake keeps you satiated and is very nutritional. Having everything of something when it comes to your body’s required minerals and nutrients. Ingredients: A two-scoop serving of the shake has a total of 180 calories. This is very low when it comes to calorie intake consciousness. So you definitely need not to worry about your calorie intake with this shake. Of this 180, fat consists of only 20 calories and some fat are required by your body so it is okay. Nutritional information:

  • Sugars 4 g
  • Soluble Fiber 5 g
  • Dietary Fiber 8 g (30% of Daily requirement)
  • Total Fat 2g
  • Sodium 250 mg (10% of Daily requirement)
  • Potassium 150 mg (4% of Daily requirement)
  • Cholesterol 5 g (2% of Daily requirement)

Apart from this, there are other essential minerals and nutrients in it also. They make up for around 30% of your daily requirement. Vitamins rich in the shake are Vitamins A, C, E, Zinc, Copper, and Selenium among others. Vitamin D and K as well as Manganese, Potassium is also present but in traces. Apart from Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, there are other compositions also. It has a corn-based build up and soy lecithin as well to help it mix properly.

GNC lean protein shake Flavors

It comes in Swiss Chocolate, Vanilla Bean as well as Strawberries cream. So it has some bit of artificial flavoring added to it across all three flavors available. But that is required, to help promote its taste.

ideal shape shake review

Benefits Of Using GNC Lean Protein Shake

There are so many nutrients and minerals in GNC that they definitely cover some or a major part of your body’s daily requirement. It can act as your meal replacement option and help in reducing calorie intake. This shake pretty much covers what it can, when it comes to your daily requirements. Using it when working out actively in your daily routine is bound to give you great results.

There are additional benefits to using GNC shakes”

  • Better digestion
  • Accelerated weight loss
  • Improved nutrition absorption and intake
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Increased satiety

Side Effects

Some users have reported side effects to use GNC lean shakes. These users replaced them with regular meals and the effects include:

  • Low degree headaches, migraines
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Constipation

These shakes may not have side effects on the majority of users only some which vary from individual to individual. That said, it is important to know any potential side effects that may happen if you want to be a little too careful when going ahead with any meal replacement shake.

Final Verdict

Any shake or meal supplement is good only when taken moderately and with an active workout routine. But, you have to consider this: It is additional calories which can be easily avoided with healthier options like green tea, green coffee, or fruits, salads as meal replacements. People who want to see quick results and don’t want to get into cooking hassles are the ones who mostly try this. That said, there is no harm done with protein shakes and such supplements.

When trying to lose weight it is best to avoid any sort of additional calories like this. Weight loss is a simple equation: calories lost subtracted from calories taken. So it is best to avoid meal replacement shakes and focus on a proper diet. Whereas, people looking to get lean or shred or want more, they can definitely look forward to such supplements. GNC lean protein shakes are good and very famous across the US. You can get it at any nearby dietary store and even online. The flavors are great, they’re nutrient rich as well. There are pros and cons to it as mentioned earlier, rest changes from person to person and what people want.