Ideal Shape Shake Review

Get A Perfect Body With Ideal Shape Shake

Getting into shape involves a lot of exercises and dieting. As easy as it seems, it is not for many people for who have tried it. It is difficult for them to switch from fries and chicken to food that is healthier. They have to make sure that they follow the rules otherwise they won’t achieve any positive results. There is however some good news for people who want to look fit. A company called Ideal Shape LLC which is based in American Fork, Utah provides Ideal Shape meal replacement shake.

About The Ideal Shape

Ideal Shape meal replacement shake helps people to lose weight. It contains vitamins, mineral, and proteins which are ingredients for a balanced diet. It helps people lose fat and has one important ingredient which is potato protein extract. The flavors include; vanilla, chocolate, orange cream, creampie, strawberry, mocha and cookies n’ cream.

How it works

Ideal Shape is a product that acts as a hunger blocker hence those who take it feel full. They don’t have to eat every time which is a successful strategy for losing some pounds. It reduces appetite for those who have a massive urge to eat. This way by the time the day is over they are still satisfied and not hungry as much. It is full of nutrients, protein, and minerals.

The Active Ingredients Of Ideal Shape

Ideal Shape meal replacement shakes have a major ingredient which is protein. It has Potato Protein Extract which helps curb hunger. Sucralose is another recipe which has no calories but it is about 320 to 1000 times sweeter than sucrose. Acesulfame Potassium is an artificial sweetener that has zero calories. It is meant to reduce the blood sugar in people. Other recipes are artificial flavor and also cellulose gum that thickens the Ideal Shape. It also contains all the minerals and vitamins.

The Ideal Shape shake provides a good amount of proteins which is 100 calories per serving and 11 grams of whey protein.

Ideal Shape Shake Review

The Cost of Ideal Shape

The prices vary in accordance with how long a person will take it. For those who will consume it for 30 days, you will pay $49.99. It will cost $89.99 for 60 days supply of Ideal Shape meal replacement shakes and the great thing is that it comes with an Ideal Plan e-book. The other package is the 90-day supply that amounts to $129.99 with a free e-book. The final one will take someone through 120 days costing $159.99. The servings are two per day and those who want to purchase them can decide how long they need for better results.

Pros Of Ideal Shape

The ingredients have a low-calorie count and low sugar which aids in fat loss. It is, therefore, a great recipe in ensuring stable weight. The 100 calories and 1 gram per serving are the best so far. It gives people a chance to really achieving the perfect body they desire.

The Ideal Shape recipes will make someone feel full hence it stops them from feeling hungry. Hunger is suppressed for four hours which is superb.

The quantity of protein it contains is 11 grams which means that it has replaced a whole 22 grams of a protein per meal. The replacement is an inspiring thing for people who have struggled with weight issues.

There is also thirty-day money back guarantee for consumers. For those who feel like the product is not satisfactory can return it within the 30 days.

It also has a variety of flavors to choose from for those who want it in chocolate or vanilla are well covered. They taste great too.

Cons Of Ideal Shape Meal Replacement Shake

The downside of Ideal Shape is that since it comes in powder form, it is reported to be thin. It lacks that thickness which is great for shakes. It is also too sweet because of the ingredients used to artificially sweeten it. For people who don’t like sugary stuff, you will have to dilute it with milk.
The artificial sweeteners Acesulfame Potassium and Sucralose are not ideal for weight loss. The natural ones would have been great.

Customer Reviews

Ideal Shape reviews vary from one person to the other. Some people actually loved it and around 5 lbs within the first three weeks. For some, it only reduced hunger for the 4 stipulated hours then they were back to feeling famished.

Bottom line

Ideal Shape meal replacement shake is good for people who drink it and exercise at the same time. It is highly recommended because it’s packed with proteins, minerals, and vitamins.