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How To Maintain A Healthy Weight

One of the main points to achieve a better lifestyle is weight management. This is not exactly a surprise as these two aspects seem to be directly related to each other. It does not only prevent people from getting into more bad habits but also fosters discipline and self-awareness.

If you are looking for ways to improve your well-being, this is the pink elephant you first need to address. No one said it was easy, but it is certainly necessary. That being said, here is a guide that will help you go through the process of weight management for a better lifestyle.

Finding The Ideal Weight

The first thing you need to understand is that there are no exact numbers to an ideal weight, probably because it is always going up and down and there is no possible way to maintain it. Instead, you can guide yourself through the body mass index and weight circumference, which mainly depend on your sex and height. Now, the normal weight is 18.5 to 24.9. Keep that in mind because these numbers will be your goal from now on.

Make A Plan

Once you know your ideal weight -and goal- it is time to plan the process. Be careful not to go for the easy way out. If you starve until getting to your ideal weight, you will probably get there and then regain it all because you get too hungry. Remember, this is a slow process that requires a change of mindset and lifestyle. Losing 5 to 10 percent of your body weight still brings benefits for heart diseases and other chronic conditions. Keeping short-term goals is a good method to stay on track. Read the following steps to set a realistic weight loss plan.

Rewarding System

In order to achieve higher goals, you should first establish shorter-term milestones. In fact, 1 to 3 pounds a month is just enough to stay on track. Once you have accomplished these smaller goals try to reward yourself -but keep food out of your treats. It will further motivate you to keep going and work harder.

Diet consciously

Before getting into your diet, there are some things of which you should be aware. Don’t keep it out of sight and face the ones that affect you directly. These are:

  • Drink at least 2 liters of water each day
  • Stay away from alcohol
  • Read the labels before buying anything, even if it has the words diet or free in it
  • Look for healthy foods – increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, and legumes
  • Decrease the fats – such as meats, fried foods, takeaways, milk and sweets
  • Moderate your portions but have more portions during the day
  • Don’t even touch sugar – but look for sweeteners if you have a craving

ideal weight

Study Your Relationship With Food

Of course, it is important to know what to eat, but the how is as important. Most of the time, overweight tends to be directly related to our mind. This step is important to make a sustainable change in your lifestyle. Here are some tips of what you should be looking for:

  • Think about it before you eat – is it out of habit? Is it for comfort? Is it hunger? Find other ways to control stress
  • The sugar stays at the doorstep – limit your options so you don’t feel tempted
  • Challenge to cook tasty without fatty ingredients
  • Use smaller plates and bulkier foods to trick the eye
  • Chew and eat slowly – take your time so the stomach sends the full message to the brain
  • Stick to a schedule – meals are important, do not skip them
  • Thirst and hunger sometimes have similar symptoms – stay hydrated so you don’t confuse them

Increase Your Physical Activity

Here comes the difficult part. The body has been designed to move it, otherwise, it will collect energy. When you have to work and do not consider exercising, it tends to collect more energy than necessary. Try to start gently with 10 to 15 minutes. Then, work your way up until reaching 150 to 300 minutes a week.

If you are not a fan of exercise, here are some tips that might help you out:

  • Find an activity you enjoy
  • Convince a friend or someone in your family to join you
  • Schedule it first-hand
  • If you don’t have much time go for a higher intensity workout

Muscle strengthening activities increase metabolism. If you are looking to drop some pounds, don’t leave it aside. Every single bit of help is important. Remember that exercise for weight management is cumulative.

Measure Your Progress

Several studies have shown that this is a success factor when people are getting responsible for their lifestyle. Usually, keeping a diary is the best way to record your workout routine and food intake. Nowadays, we have the traditional version and several virtual solutions that help you through such as:

  • Pedometers – records the number of steps you have taken
  • Apps – measure almost everything, from food intake to calories burned to physical activity
  • Wearables – these make some inputs for you, in case you forget

Sleep Tight

Getting enough sleep is definitely a must. Several studies have proved sleep deprivation is bounded to weight gain, resulting in the release of hormones that make the body feel hungry and cravings. People are more likely to eat carbohydrates in the unaware aim of restoring their energy levels.

Ask For Help – You Are Not Alone

As is widely known, everybody is different. That’s why it is important to see a doctor before getting on a weight management plan. There are several recommendations that will depend on their expertise and can be counterproductive without a medical opinion.

Manage Your Body Weight

When you reach your goal, it is not over yet. In fact, it gets even harder for some people. When you get to the recommended body weight, it is important to maintain it. It doesn’t mean that you keep on a strict diet, but it is important that you stay aware of the previous points in order to not lose all the work done. Here are some tips that will help you here:

  • Stick to your healthy meal plan
  • Never skip breakfast
  • Maintain your workout routine
  • Keep track of your weight
  • Stay in touch with family and friends
  • Continue visiting the doctor
  • Manage your tools to avoid emotional eating
  • Stop weight regain as soon as possible


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