How To Transform Your Teenagers’ Career Prospects


‘INSPiRED Teenager’ – from the UK’s Top Careers Advisor – Offers an Online Toolkit For Savvy Parents To Max Their Teenagers’ Prospects

A new online resource will enable parents to transform their own teenagers’ academic and vocational career prospects. The ‘INSPiRED Teenager’ programme is an eight-part video-based career coaching toolkit complete with a set of accompanying eBooks. Developed by Carolyn Parry, the CDI’s Career Coach of the Year, the self-paced kit equips parents with all the resources they need.

INSPiRED Teenager

Aimed at supporting GCSE and A-level students, the first-of-its-kind toolkit ensures that high-quality affordable careers coaching is now well within the reach of every family. Designed for adults and teenager to work through together, ‘INSPiRED Teenager’ empowers parents and carers to be confident that they have done the best they can to set their teen on the path to a successful, happy and fulfilling working life.

Not all careers rely on academic study and from guiding their teen in the right vocational direction through to helping them understand future job markets, the toolkit aims to be supportive yet challenging. It will help to identify what employers look for most and explain work experience options. There are also handy job search tips and insights on how to succeed with applications and interviews. Beyond these early stages, ‘INSPiRED Teenager’ also defines useful strategies that motivate teenagers and provides career development advice for when they start work. Once learned, the toolkit can be applied any time in the future to help deal with unexpected job and career changes and developments.

The INSPiRED Teenager is also ideal for students focused on going to university, where in a fast changing world, making the right course choice is now harder than ever. With around half a million teens making their university choices over the coming months and taking on debts estimated to be over £50k, stats from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) show that in 2014, 6.2% drop out in the first year and 10.3% leave without qualifications, with anxiety stress and depression being cited as one of the major causes. With headline news flagging that some courses have a drop-out rate over 60%, this leaves many of the 50,000 students with significant debt, but without a degree and that doesn’t help their career. With ‘INSPiRED Teenager’, parents and carers can work confidently and accurately with teens to analyse the course options against a future work / career backdrop and also identify the key metrics of better performing, better value courses.

Delivered in self-paced video format through the ‘Careers Advice For Parents’ website, parents and teens can watch whenever it suits them and each module also comes with a comprehensive e-book to download which has been designed for all learning styles. The eight modules are:

Identity – Teenagers learn what makes them the person they are, including exploring their personality, character and potential future self.

Needs & Wants – In this module, teens identify the kind of life they want along with their motivations, career needs and drivers.

Strengths & Talents – Teens identify their gifts and abilities, learning the difference between learned skills and natural strengths, why this matters and which to develop.

Passion & Interests – Teenagers identify and define their passions and strongest interests, exploring the importance of curiosity, role models and how to develop personal interests further.

Impact & Contribution – Teens discover how to join-the-dots for a central career theme, building an impactful image with enduring stability and resilience in rapidly changing times.

Relationships – Teens will identify the connections and tribes that they want to learn and work with – and which types to avoid!

Environment – Teenagers will choose the geographic location, physical working environments and working patterns they need to thrive, so they can make informed choices.

Direction & Goal Setting – Teens will learn how to set meaningful, effective goals that drive sound career decision making.

Says Carolyn Parry, “In terms of state provision, the picture across the UK is extremely patchy. As few as just 17% of 14-19-year-olds receive high-quality schools careers advice, so it’s little wonder that over 70 percent of teenagers turn to their parents for help. However, for over half of parents and carers, the thought of this fills them with dread. Today’s world of work and the gig economy is very different from that which most parents and carers started out in. This leads to numerous intergenerational hurdles between baby boomer or millennial parents and the Generation Z kids they are trying to help. Well, now with ‘INSPiRED Teenager’ they can stay calm as first-class help is on hand and the two generations can work seamlessly together. Without needing to become an expert, parents and carers now have an affordable and structured route for delivering high quality support.

“By combining 15 years of first hand experience working with students, graduates, and professionals with the latest employment related theory, this toolkit delivers a unique and easy-to-use academic and vocational career development framework. By this means, both parents and teens gain the key concepts, skills and questions they need to discover who they are and what academic or career moves will get them off to the happiest start in life. In short, both parents and teenagers can now become career savvy! And why shouldn’t they? Who wouldn’t want to help their child get ahead?”

The “INSPiRED Teenager” programme is currently available at a launch discount. With a rrp of £97, customers registering before 1 Jan 2018 can access the full course for just £47, a saving of £50. For those wanting more information, please visit


About Carolyn Parry
An award-winning ‘all-age’ career coach practitioner and UK Careers Adviser/Career Coach of the Year 2017, Carolyn runs Career Alchemy and A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, of the Higher Education Academy, and the International Enterprise Educators’ Programme, she is a Trustee/Non-Executive Director of NASES, a national trainer for AGCAS, and represents the interests of the Career Development Institute in Wales.

About The INSPiRED Programme
Carolyn is behind the design of the INSPiRED Programme, an ‘all-age’ career development coaching toolkit designed to promote self-understanding and enable users to develop successful, fulfilling and happy working lives no matter what changes take place in the world of work now and in the future. Already in use with adult career changers and in a university context, it is now available as a tailor made self-service toolkit for parents and carers to use with their teenagers.

For further information, please contact
Carolyn Parry
Director and Lead Coach
Careers Advice For Parents
07899 075853

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Chronic Conditions Such As Diabetes Can Pose A Greater Risk To Some Business Travellers Than Infectious Diseases


International SOS provides travel advice on World Diabetes Day

Trevose, November 7 2017 – In advance of World Diabetes Day, on November 14, International SOS highlights the importance for travellers to manage their diabetes. Due to a range of factors inherent in travel, the ongoing medical management of mobile workers with chronic diseases such as diabetes may be disrupted. Failing to effectively manage chronic conditions can pose a greater risk to some traveling business executives than infectious diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that diabetes affects 8.5% of people over the age of 18 worldwide [1].Today, approximately 415 million adults have diabetes, and by 2040 this number is expected to reach 642 million[2].

Dr Irene Lai, medical director at International SOS comments, “When considering medical risks abroad, travellers often focus on infectious diseases that are present in exotic locations. Whilst these are serious risks that need to be considered, a more common issue is the underlying chronic disease that travellers take with them, such as diabetes. Traveling across time zones, for instance, can complicate schedules for eating and taking medications. Foods are unfamiliar. Medications and supplies may be confiscated at borders. Losing or running out of medications while abroad may not be the simple problem it is when at home. Brand names are different; the medications may not have been stored properly, may have expired or may even be counterfeit [3].”

International SOS offers the following advice to individuals with diabetes when they travel:

  • Visit your healthcare professional well in advance of travel to discuss your itinerary and activities.
  • Ensure your diabetes is stable and optimally controlled.
  • Have enough medication for the trip and a bit extra in case of delays. Medication should be in its original container, clearly labelled with the contents and your name
  • Request a letter describing your condition, medication and equipment required and a carry a copy of your prescriptions.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle even when away from home.
  • Members are advised to contact International SOS for assistance in sourcing appropriate healthcare providers when they are abroad if required.

[1] “Diabetes Fact Sheet”, World Health Organisation, November 2017.
[2] International Diabetes Federation,
[3] 10-30% according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: “Counterfeit Medicines”, Centres for Diseases Control and Prevention


About International SOS
International SOS ( is the world’s leading medical and travel security risk services company. We care for clients across the globe, from more than 850 locations in 92 countries. Our expertise is unique: More than 11,000 employees are led by 1,400 doctors and 200 security specialists. Teams work night and day to protect our members. We pioneer a range of preventive programmes strengthened by our in-country expertise. We deliver unrivalled emergency assistance during critical illness, accident or civil unrest. We are passionate about helping clients put ‘Duty of Care’ into practice. With us, multinational corporate clients, governments and NGOs can mitigate risks for their people working remotely or overseas.

Group Head of PR: Suzanne Withers
T +44 (0)20 8762 8494, M +44 (0)7584 522 497

Dimension Data Unveils Mobile Application to Track Health and Wellness of Africa’s Pro Cycling Team


Cape Town / London – 17 November 2017Dimension Data, the global USD 8 billion ICT solutions and services provider, today unveiled its health and wellness mobile app at the annual training camp of Africa’s professional cycling team, Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka. Called Phila (pee-lah), which means ‘to live’ in Nguni, the app was custom designed to Team Dimension Data’s specific requirements.

The app tracks the daily physical and mental performance of the team’s 39 World Tour and Continental riders located in 10 countries. Data collected from the team includes geographical location and time zones, quality and quantity of sleep, response to training, muscle soreness, as well as mood, motivation, and stress levels.

Developed by Dimension Data’s Digital Practice in partnership with Team Dimension Data’s riders, and Australia-based MIK Health, Phila is also a communication and data-sharing management tool for the team.

Every day, Phila prompts the riders to complete an assessment via their mobile device. The information is correlated with existing training data captured by the team’s TrainingPeaks application, and is used to monitor training performance alongside overall health and wellness.

“It was crucial that we designed an app which was easy to use 365 days a year, and riders could upload their assessment responses in two to three minutes,” explains Dr Carol Austin, Head of Performance Sport and Medical for Team Dimension Data. “Our goal was to keep the questions to a minimum, but extract the maximum data to identify any factors that could jeopardise our rider’s ability to train – even weather conditions and equipment issues.”

In addition to the riders being geographically distributed, they’re often in different cycles of racing, training, and resting. It’s difficult for riders, coaches, doctors, and performance staff to stay in constant communication. Phila is a simple way to capture key information and share it with the team’s support staff, who can respond immediately to injuries or illness and adapt rider racing and training schedules.”

Scott Gibson, Dimension Data’s Group Executive – Digital Practice said, “The health application is just one component of the collection mechanism for critical data that we’ll feed into the analytics platform we’re building for Team Dimension Data. This data will be enhanced with additional datasets, and the implementation of a machine learning solution together with predictive analytics to improve team planning and management performance.”

Dimension Data is the title sponsor of Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka. However, says Gibson, the sponsorship is not just about financial investment in the team. “In the same way that we believe the technologies of the new digital age will help our clients achieve their business outcomes, we aim to develop digital technologies that will assist Team Dimension Data to achieve their 2020 vision of winning the Tour de France.

More about the health and wellness data collected from Team Dimension Data’s riders
Location of each rider: Which country and continent the riders are in when racing or training.

Travel: The teams’ performance management need to understand the impact that travel has on the health and performance of riders, for example the impact that travel across time zones may have on the riders.

Sleep: Data such as whether the rider sleeps at home, in a hotel, or on an aircraft is collected; and where he slept the previous night; what time the rider fell asleep and woke up, how long the rider slept; the quality of sleep; and the altitude at which the rider slept and woke up, which is very important on a science level.

General wellbeing: Using scientifically validated scales that are simple to answer, riders are asked to rate their mood levels each day, their motivation and current stress levels, if they’re feeling fatigued, or have muscle soreness.

Training: Riders are asked to provide a subjective view on their performance in training – or racing the previous day: did they perform as expected? What’s really important about this data is how the rider feels about his training: what his rating was on perceived exertion? Is the rider responding well to the training that the coach prescribed? Did the effort feel like a 7/10, a 5/10, or a 9/10?

Management: Was the rider able to train that day, and if the answer is no, was it the weather? Was he ill or injured? Or is there something else happening such as a bike fail? Even a stuffy nose is acted on. While a blocked nose may not appear to be serious, in the past, riders have ignored the blocked nose and it turned into pneumonia.

About Dimension Data
Dimension Data uses technology to help organisations achieve great things. As a member of the NTT Group, we accelerate our clients’ ambitions through digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, digital workspaces, and cybersecurity. With a turnover of USD 7.5 billion in 2016, offices in 48 countries, and 30,000 employees, we deliver wherever our clients are, at every stage of their technology journey. We’re proud to be the Official Technology Partner of Amaury Sport Organisation, which owns the Tour de France, and the title partner of the cycling team, Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka. Visit us at

For more information
Charlotte Martin / Jonathan Mathias
Finn Partners
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Professional Footballer Helps Wimbledon Woman Walk The Distance From London To Cambridge


Voltarol teams up with Sport Relief to help get Britain active and change lives

To inspire people across Britain to get and stay active year-round, Voltarol has teamed up with Sport Relief and professional footballer, Chris Beardsley, to transform the lifestyle of a Wimbledon resident.

According to Arthritis Research UK, 75% of the UK say they wished they exercised more than once a week, but just 53% of people do[i]. Via the partnership with Sport Relief, which has seen Voltarol pledge to donate £100,000, the brand aims to motivate and inspire the nation to get off the sofa, get active and undertake their very own challenge for Sport Relief.Voltarol introduced Chris, a UEFA A Licenced Football Coach and Strength and Conditioning Coach at championship team Burton Albion to Sonia Gooden, a Primary Care Worker and Mother of four. Sonia had previously not been undertaking any exercise and lived a very sedentary lifestyle. Chris’ expert advice and fitness plan helped inspire Sonia to complete a Sport Relief Step Challenge, taking 140,000 steps in just 4 weeks (5,000 steps a day), the equivalent distance of London to Cambridge!*

Chris’ advice for anyone that is thinking about moving about more and planning their own challenge for Sport Relief is “it’s important to go slow; trying to run for miles if you haven’t done regular exercise in years is not setting yourself up for success. Don’t compare yourself to other people but do set yourself a reasonable goal that is reflective of your ability.”

Chris also explains his tips and advice for anyone planning on getting fitter and undertaking their own fundraising challenge for Sport Relief:

  • Aim for something attainable – don’t plan on running a marathon if you haven’t run in years!’
  • Set small goals along the way – recording key milestones will keep you motivated and help you keep track of your progress’
  • Have a long term aim in mind – think about what you’d ideally like to achieve and consider how you’re going to get there’
  • Try setting a goal with friends – having the support of others can be key to staying motivated and you’ll have lots of fun along the way!’
  • Make a plan – a schedule will keep you on track, otherwise you might find it hard to remember what you should be doing and what your next steps are. Keeping a record along the way will remind you of everything you’ve achieved’
  • Don’t obsess, enjoy the journey! – Ultimately, you should be having fun, getting fit shouldn’t be a chore and there are lots of ways to make exercise enjoyable’

To find out how you can make your activity/ fitness goals a reality and to watch Sonia talk about her Sport Relief Step Challenge journey watch the video here:

* 140,000 steps are roughly the equivalent of 70 miles – London to Cambridge is 64 miles in distance

[i] Arthritis Research UK Survey, March 2017


Notes to Editors:
For enquiries please contact:
Amanda Dudley via / 07580979333

About Voltarol
The Voltarol portfolio, from GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, includes topical formulations to relieve pain and inflammation so that consumers can enjoy the Joy of Movement. To learn more about body pain and how to relieve body pain effectively, go to

Always read the label.

About GSK Consumer Healthcare
GSK Consumer Healthcare is one of the world’s largest consumer healthcare companies, responsible for some of the world’s best loved healthcare brands including Sensodyne, Panadol, Otrivine and Voltarol.

The Best Way to Lose Excess Weight with TruVision

Are you looking for the best way to get rid of your excess weight? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. TruVision has introduced two revolutionary weight loss products, such as truCONTROL and truFIX. The best part is — both of these two weight loss formulas are purely based on natural and organic ingredients (i.e. 100% plant extracts). Not only do these two aforementioned products result in an effective weight loss, but they also provide a plethora of excellent health benefits. So, keep reading and learn more about these products.

How to Use TruVision for Best Results

It’s really important to precisely follow the recommended dosage limits for the best results. For this supplement, you should ideally intake two tablets per day. The unique aspect of these two supplements is its ‘accumulation effect’. Note, these supplements continue to work at its optimal levels throughout the entire day, and even during the sleep as well.

After you wake up, it is recommended to take one blue-colored truFIX tablet and one orange-colored truCONTROL tablet. Next, based on your own preference and daily schedule, you can take the second dose during the remaining part of the day.

Let’s now reveal the health benefits of these two supplements. Apart from helping you to lose unwanted body weight, truFIX improves your cholesterol profile, lowers blood sugar level, and promotes a healthy liver function. On top of that, it even stimulates the fat breakdown process of your muscles and provides you a well-shaped, well-toned, and lean body structure.

Similarly, truCONTROL accelerates the fat burning process and aids you easily stave off calories from your waistline. Additionally, this supplement improves your sleeping behavior, offers a better quality of sleep, and keeps you active and energetic (throughout the day).

Please note, you must intake the recommended dosage limit of both truCONTROL and truFIX tablets together to lose weight and get an attractive physique. After achieving your targeted weight loss, please continue taking these weight loss supplements to avoid unwanted weight gain.

What Makes This Product Unique and Different from the Rest?

Most of the weight loss products that are currently available in the market are thermogenic. On the contrary, truCONTROL and truFIX extend you the benefits of weight loss simply by improving your blood chemistry. For instance, if you have a high BMI, these supplements will stimulate the fat burning process and offer you a slimmer body. And, for underweight people, these pills will bring a balance in their body chemistry and result in a healthy weight gain.

Many weight loss diet pills (especially low-calorie diet plans) allow unhealthy muscle waste which may be extremely detrimental to your overall health and fitness. These diet pills will offer you an emaciated physique, with relatively lower energy levels.

To carry out your day-to-day chores, it’s absolutely important to have a strong musculature. Luckily for you, TruVision weight loss products are formulated in such a way that they promote effective weight loss, while preserving your musculature.

Another common problem of the conventional diet pills is that they result in an uneven and unbalanced weight loss. For example, it’s quite difficult to burn the fat cells of your abdomen area and bust area (for women) with the help of regular weight loss pills. But, if you follow the dosage recommendations of truCONTROl and truFIX, then you will definitely stave off your excess fat in a better and uniform way.

Who Should Try TruVision Supplements?

If you are looking for an easy, effective, and efficient way to lose weight (without imposing any nasty side effects to your body), then these supplements will be so apt for you. Since they are scientifically formulated from rare plant extracts, they do not produce any harmful side effects. The best part is that — these pills are equally suitable for both men and women (irrespective of any age group). In fact, both underweight and overweight people can intake these supplements in order to achieve an ideal weight and restore body balance. Other than that, these products also offer a myriad of health benefits too.

When Should You Expect the Results?

As you already know, these products are meant to restore your body balance and improve blood chemistry. That’s why you may not witness noticeable results within overnight. Plus, the body chemistry greatly varies from one person to another. Therefore, be patient and carefully follow the recommended dosage limit; rest assured that you will witness the pronounced results in no time.

Turn from Fat to Hot Using TruFix and TruControl

A Girl doing exercise and Truvision product

Being an overweight pose many problems not just for the health of the body but the mind, as well. Many dangers go along with being fat such as: 

  • Heart diseases
  • Too much cholesterol and sugar
  • Diabetes

Plenty of people who suffer from being overweight lack self-esteem and confidence. They become afraid of other people since the society often judges other individuals based on looks and on the shape of the body. Since being physically fit is the trend today, many companies are out there developing and manufacturing numerous products with regards to losing weight. However, several of these products have severe side effects. The users will drop their weight in exchange for sacrificing their health. This is a life-threatening bargain.  

But alas! TruFix and TruControl are different from those harmful weight loss supplements. These are the dietary supplements that people should look out for. Because they do not just uphold their end of the bargain, they can even exceed beyond it. And from this article you will get the best trufix and trucontrol reviews for it’s perfect use.  

Background of TruFix and TruControl 

Developed by TruVision Health Company which can be found both online and in Utah, TruFix and TruControl are here to help you with losing weight. The company began its operation in 2014 and since then, various innovations are made to all the products. It promotes weight loss in a healthy way andBoth of these products are formulated and created with high-quality natural ingredients rather than artificial ones which endanger the health of the users. TruFix help with improving the blood chemistry of the body. This means that the overall functioning of the systems of the users’ body will be at its finest.  

TruControl optimizes the metabolic processes of the body. Quicker metabolism means that the glucose will turn into energy in a much faster time.  

How to take the dietary supplements 

TruFix must be taken with TruControl twice a day, one capsule at a time. This is the recommended dosage and too many capsules in a day will be harmful to the body. These two products begin their work once they are dissolved and entered the bloodstream. If the user is on other medication, then it is suggested to consult a physician upon deciding to take TruFix and TruControl for safety measures. 

Benefits and Uses of TruVision and TruControl 

  • Lose weight without compromising the health of the body

A lot of people are desperate enough to starve themselves to lose some pounds but with TruVision products, the users will not have to suffer and torture themselves. Vitamins and minerals can be acquired upon taking these supplements since the ingredients are from natural plant extracts that are proven to have positive health benefits. So, even though they are limited to eat foods, dire consequences will not be experienced.  

  • Improve the body functions

The products do not only sustain the health of the body, but they also utilize the efficiency of the functions. Regulating metabolism, calcium and blood sugar levels are just some of the examples. 

  • Elevates the mood and energy

Trufix reviews and TruControl reviews that are circulating on the internet stated that using these products significantly improved their mood throughout the day. Along with this, their energy is also boosted up so they are more motivated to exercise than ever. This is the outcome of having Alpha Lipoic Acid as one of the ingredients. It converts glucose into energy into a more efficient and quicker way. It fulfills the need of the body for glucose levels.  

  • Prevent the future potential diseases

TruFix contains selenium which is an antioxidant that strengthens and boosts the immune system. As a result, viruses, heart diseases, and cancer can be avoided. It also has copper which lowers down the chance of obtaining anemia.  

  • It increases the level of confidence

Once the users get the body that they desire, they will be empowered and confident.  

  • Proven to be safe

As mentioned above, both products have ingredients that are natural. No side effects will ensue upon using them. 

Turn the dream into reality with the combination of TruFix and TruControl. The wide range of benefits can be attained which proves that the formula is an amazing mix. It’s absolutely safe and helpful in weight reduction. TruFix and TruControl reviews that are posted online are evidence of the optimistic results that users are satisfied with. 

Weight Loss Shakes for a Healthier Diet

The health benefits of having a balanced diet are completely uncontroversial. Many people will end up causing themselves health problems in the long-term due to the fact that they have unbalanced diets. Fortunately, this is an issue that is very much within everyone’s control. All people have to do is eat nutritious diets. Still, this is easier said than done for too many individuals. People who are not interested in weight loss often won’t think of weight loss powder shakes. However, these weight loss shakes are actually just very nutritious in their own right. People who have no intention of dieting can still strongly benefit from these weight loss shakes just because the shakes are so nourishing.

Fortified Shakes

Most of the shakes that people will drink for weight loss will more or less have all of the vitamins and minerals that anyone will need for the day. People have traditionally consumed these shakes in order to replace meals. However, for the people who are just interested in weight maintenance, the weight loss shakes do not have to be used for meal replacement. They can just be used as supplements.

Many people take multivitamins these days in order to ensure that they’re getting healthy enough diets. However, there is some controversy about that. For one thing, it often helps to take vitamins with food. Vitamins from supplements that are free from calories might not be absorbed by the body as effectively as vitamins from foods. The body needs something to break down and digest. Fortified weight loss shakes will provide that, since they will have calories from protein, healthy fat, and healthy carbohydrates. People will be able to digest all of these important nutrients right alongside the vitamins and minerals that they need every day.

The Right Quantities

Some people believe that they need to take as many vitamin supplements as possible every day. However, this is really not the case. After all, vitamins are really only needed in small quantities. Many supplements will provide people’s bodies with more vitamins and minerals than anyone could possibly need in a given day. This will rarely be the case with weight loss shakes.

Weight loss shakes are excellent when it comes to giving people the quantities of vitamins and minerals that they really need without going overboard. Most of them will offer people a large percentage of the vitamins and minerals that they need in a given day. People won’t end up getting two hundred percent of their daily value of anything, and that is always beneficial.

Some vitamins and minerals are not actually eliminated by the body. They could be stored in the tissues, which is the case with fat soluble vitamins. Consuming these vitamins and minerals in large quantities is never a good idea. The weight loss shakes that people might decide to consume instead of multivitamins will give them most of the benefits that people are trying to get from multivitamins with none of the costs.

No Pressure

Finding a way to fit in three completely balanced meals each and every day is difficult. People can’t just rely on their knowledge of the different food groups in order to make this possible, either. Fruits and vegetables will all vary in terms of their nutritional content. Some types of grain products are very nutritious, while many others are anything but nutritious. People can’t even be completely sure that one apple will have the same nutrition as another, since all plants will vary in terms of the amount of nutrients they have absorbed from their environment during the initial growing process.

Some people will find that it’s very difficult to do all of the calculations necessary to estimate whether or not they are getting a nutritious enough diet. Most people just don’t have the time or the energy to do this in the first place, and they will be interested in finding something of an alternative. Being able to drink a simple fortified weight loss shakes will give people the chance to take a shortcut. For a lot of people, this will make the idea of leading a healthy lifestyle in the first place much less stressful.

Why You Need To Add Vital Reds To Your Daily Supplements

Polyhenols — have you heard of these wonderful little nutrients before? If not, you should take some time to learn about them. They are just one part of the amazing supplement known as Vital Reds and can benefit your overall health tremendously. They are a small portion of the antioxidant family and are known to have the following benefits:

  • Protecting your skin against ultraviolet radiation
  • Fighting free radicals and reducing the appearance of aging
  • Promoting brain health and protecting against dementia
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Supporting normal blood sugar level
  • Protecting your cardiovascular system
  • Promoting normal blood pressure 1

To get these nutrients normally, it’s important for people to eat decent amounts of high-quality seasonings, raw fruits, vegetables, and seeds. However, many diets, especially in the U.S., fall short in these areas. As a result, it’s important to use a supplement like Vital Reds to fill those nutritional gaps and keep your body working at its best.


What are Vital Reds?

vital reds

Vital Reds are the hot signature supplement from GundryMD. This supplement combines 34 unique polyphenol extracts (and over 50 total ingredients) in a unique, tasty, berry-flavored drink. This combines not only polyphenols, but thermogenic ingredients that support fat burning, probiotics to support digestion, and vitamins and minerals. What allows Vital Reds to do so much? It’s all about the ingredients. Along with the polyphenol blend, here’s the breakdown:

  • Metabolic mixture: cinnamon bark, ginger root, green tea and white tea leaf extracts, turmeric rhizome extract, bitter melon fruit extracts, and black pepper fruit
  • Digestive blend: bacillus coagulans, lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium lactis, and L. reuteri 2

How do you put this together? It’s easy. Just pour a small scoop of Vital Reds into water or any other beverage you like once a day.

Worried about adding a new supplement to your regimen? GundryMD has you covered with Dr. Gundry’s 90-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied within this timeframe, you can get a full refund. Many people who take Vital Reds report improved digestion, better skin appearance, and a rise in general energy.

The best thing of all is that Vital Reds are only one part of the full GundryMD line. Check out these other amazing supplements that are offered:

1. Prebiothrive combines five advanced prebiotic ingredients to help create a probiotic-friendly environment in your gut.

2. Primal Plants is an unprecedented 25-ingredient formula that combines green superfoods rich in polyhenols, just like Vital Reds, along with digestive and metabolic support.

3. Lectin Shield helps reduce the effects of lectins, plant-based proteins that can affect your digestion and overall health.

4. Omega Advanced supplies you with omega-3s, the vital fatty acid that supports our brain and other parts of the body.3

These and many more products can combine with Vital Reds to provide a full-on, wholistic approach to your health.


What Is GundryMD?

GundryMD is the brainchild of Dr. Steven Gundry, who was one of the top experts in heart surgery for over 30 years. However, one case would change his perspective on medicine forever. This happened when he managed to treat a chronically ill, overweight patient – one considered “untreatable,” with the help of nothing more than natural dietary nutrients. How does this happen? Ask Dr. Gundry himself!

“The key to strong, sustainable health lives in all of us…in the form of beneficial microbes. These ‘good bacteria’ are in danger of dying out due to dietary and environmental issues that overload our systems with threatening, ‘bad’ microbes. Once you begin taking care of your ‘good’ microbes – or, as I like to call them, ‘your gut buddies’ – you can begin an incredible transformation.

And I know…because it worked for me.

When I first met this ‘lost cause’ patient, I was seriously overweight myself. I had high blood pressure, “bad” cholesterol, all the warning signs for oncoming diabetes, and heart disease. I worked out regularly and tried to watch my diet, but I was still struggling with my weight. But by following the principles of my new research – a study I am now calling ‘Holobiotics’ – I lost 70 pounds in just one year.”

Now, with the help of great products like Vital Reds, Dr. Gundry and GundryMD allow anyone to benefit from supplements and skincare to support overall health. The mission of Dr. Gundry and his amazing supplements is to “dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through Gundry’s unique vision of diet and nutrition.”