Benefits of quitting smoking

Best Way To Quit Smoking


Most of the people who are planning to quit smoking find it really difficult to resist the tobacco craving. Whether a smoker or a day smoker, quitting tobacco smoking can be tough. It needs a lot of determination and trust in oneself to be successful in quitting the smoking habit. However, if one sets his/her mind to quit smoking there are a number of ways which will help them to overcome their craving and lead a happy and healthy life.

How To Quit Smoking?

In order to help one to deal with this problem, here are a few effective tips that will make the battle against tobacco temptation a little easy.

Avoid Triggers or tempting situation

A smoker must identify his or her trigger situations and try to keep away himself/herself from the situation, places or activities that are causing the temptation. People usually tend to smoke while watching television, hence during that time, it will be wise to chew some toffees or gums to occupy oneself. For instance, if consuming alcohol tempts one to smoke tobacco, he/she should choose a nonalcoholic drink. In short, before one plans to go for a long term smoke quitting program he/she needs to write down all things that trigger a craving for a smoke.

Learn about the effects of tobacco smoking

Reading articles and scientific studies about the hazardous effects of tobacco smoking on one’s health sometimes can really help a person to quit smoking. Finding out how other quitters dealt with the temptation and challenges related to tobacco smoking can also help an individual to kick the habit of smoking. More and more information about the dangerous direct effects of smoking will definitely help a person addicted to smoking boost up the determination to quit smoking.

Keep the mouth busy

Chewing or munching something is one of the easiest ways to stop cravings to smoke. When the mouth is occupied, the smoker will not feel the urge of smoking. Chewing something also helps to deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Having antioxidant enriched fruits like apples, grapes, oranges etc. or treating oneself with a small piece of cake, candy or chocolate also helps to deal with nicotine cravings. Apart from this, a person should drink a lot of water to control the urge of the smoking tobacco cigarette. One can also go for drink grape juice regularly to make the quitting process a little easy.

Try Nicotine replacement therapy

If a smoker fails to control his or her nicotine cravings, he/she can consult a doctor and take the help of nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine replacement products are available in the market in various forms like nicotine gum, nicotine patch, and nicotine nasal spray and inhaler. While a person requires a prescription to buy nicotine nasal spray and inhalers, gums and patches are available over the counter. These NRT products deliver a little amount of nicotine to help a smoker deal with the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. The user will not be addicted to these NRT products and can quit them easily. This is the reason that with NRT products one can quit smoking successfully. These are scientifically designed and tested to ensure the best result in just a few days.

Try E-cigarettes and quit smoking kit

Vaping E-cigarette is an effective way to quit traditional cigarette. E-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco and allow one to smoke harmless vapor. Ecigs deliver the same stimulation one can get when they smoke a regular tobacco cigarette. If anyone is new to the world of vaping, he/she can start with basic E-cigarette kits. Interested person can also order the specially-designed quit smoking kit from any reputed E-cigarette company. It usually contains everything that one needs to kick away the habit of smoking normal cigarettes. The E liquids found in E-cigarette are free from tobacco, carbon monoxide, and tar. Most of the chain smokers initially prefer to go for E-cigarettes because its flavor addresses their craving for a smoke. A study shows that most of the heavy smokers who opted for E-cigarettes have finally successfully quit smoking for a lifetime.

People who don’t want to take nicotine replacement therapy or prescription medication can try several alternate natural therapies to stop smoking. They can also take the help of motivational therapies, behavioral therapies, meditation, and acupuncture to quit smoking. A study conducted by the researchers of the University of Miami has shown that practicing TAI CHI, an ancient martial art, helps smokers to kick the habit of smoking forever.

Benefits of quitting smoking

Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking are numerous. Smokers will see visible positive changes in life and in their body after quitting their smoking habit. Some of the vital benefits of quitting smoking are as follows.

After a month of quitting smoking brain will stop generating craving signals to smoke. The brain will start functioning normally and will successfully break the cycle of craving.

  • After quitting the habit of smoking one will get better vision, hearing and clean mouth for a healthy life.
  • There will be a tremendous improvement in heart health. The chances of having heart attacks will get reduced to a great extent.
  • The sex life of the person will get improved and he/she will experience more outflow of energy while having sex.
  • The overall system will get improved and an individual will feel more energetic. Most importantly, life longevity of the person will increase.
  • Quitting smoking will allow one to have a healthy and fully-functioning lung along with stronger bones.


There are several therapies, natural ways, and medicine available to help a smoker quit smoking. Apart from all these, E-cigarettes and quit kits help the smokers to deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Well, still the best way to quit smoking is strong self-determination and this internal strength will help to make this tough job easy. If a person is strong from inside and has trust in himself/herself then the process of quitting the habit of smoking will become an easy task.